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Hi Power Gen Tec Products …

Generator Products … 2 Kva to 750 Kva

2 KVA  Generator set                5KVA  Generator set
10KVA  Generator set              15KVA  Generator set
25KVA  Generator set            62.5 Kva Generator Set
125KVA  Generator set         180KVA  Generator set
220KVA  Generator set         250KVA  Generator set
380KVA  Generator set         500KVA  Generator set
625KVA  Generator set         750KVA  Generator set

Generator Rental For
Industrial Generator rental chennai
Rang from Generator Power 2 Kva to 750 Kva
New Construction Project
Generator Service
Standby Power and emergencies
Rental Generator Power(hire)
Tele – Communuication
Hospital emergencies
All Project work

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